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About Us

Eley Griffiths Group Pty Limited (‘EGG’) is a boutique fund manager specialising in Australian small and emerging companies. It is proud of its independence, being wholly owned by staff.

  • EGG has a commitment to excellence in the management of small company portfolios, and the managers have extensive experience in this area. The business operates an outsourced service provider model, which allows the principals to concentrate their time and energy on portfolio management and the discovery of stocks that, in their opinion, have been inefficiently valued by the market. EGG manages the Eley Griffiths Group Small Companies Fund which is available in Wraps and Master trusts, as well as discrete portfolios for large institutional investors.

  • This fund will give you exposure to Australian listed small companies.

    The manager actively manages the portfolio after buying and selling investments of the fund daily, selecting individual investments and also changing the mix of types of investments.

    Our aim is to outperform the ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index over a 3 year period, although returns are not guaranteed.

  • The fund invests mostly in Australian listed small companies (ASX listed companies which are outside the S&P/ASX Top 100 Index) and some cash.

    We actively adjust the investment mix within the ranges below. The “target” position is where we start our thinking ~ all other things being equal; the target position would be the investment mix of the fund.




    Australian shares








    Remember that the investment mix can change within the ranges significantly and sometimes quickly.

    Ask your adviser or contact us for the latest investment mix and the size of the fund ~ our contact details are at the end of this document.

  • One of the main benefits we aim to achieve is investor returns, based on the fund’s investment performance. We also aim to achieve capital growth in the value of your investment.

    And generally you can withdraw your investment any time.

    However managed funds such as the fund have other benefits. Your money is managed by our investment professionals and this allows access to investment opportunities, markets and diversity which ordinary investors usually can’t manage.

    Managed funds can also often invest for less cost than ordinary investors, and can often access new floats and share placements not available to ordinary investors.

    You have the right to receive any distributions we make from the fund (usually shortly after the end of June each year). Distributions include any capital gains or losses. Distributions may also carry imputation or other tax credits.

    You can also have the benefit of capital gains (or suffer losses) when you dispose of your investment such as by exiting the fund or selling or giving your units away.

    As an investor you also participate in any other distributions (such as capital distributions if the fund ever terminated).