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Our Story

Eley Griffiths Group (EGG) began operations in early 2003 when founders Ben Griffiths and Brian Eley (both formerly of BT Financial Group and ING Investment Management) saw an opportunity to bring their experience and well honed investment process to bear in a ‘small shop’ setting. Their confidence encouraged by the nimble and dynamic nature of a boutique organisation compared to the large and lumbering institutions, dominant at the time.

EGG was among the earliest boutiques to open their doors in the Australian market, a segment now made popular by numerous managers and earning acceptance from small and large investors alike.

From inception, assets under management grew quickly, the investment team enlarged and the focus on diligent stock analysis within portfolio management best-practice ensured solid performance for investors.

Today the team of 5 continue the same disciplines and investment process that are the foundation stone of Eley Griffiths Group. Staff own 100% of the firm, putting it in the minority of truly independent fund management businesses.

The group manages several wholesale investment mandates for some of Australia’s largest industry super funds as well as a highly rated small companies unit trust for retail investors.

EGG launched their second fund, the Eley Griffiths Group Emerging Companies Fund, in March 2017.