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Welcome to the Eley Griffiths Group Small Companies Fund, How To Invest web page.

The Eley Griffiths Group Small Companies Fund is available to investors directly (for investments >$25,000) or via a number of investment wrap platforms.

We have kept the application process as simple as possible and it will require you to download and read our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Information Booklet (click on icons at right) before investing.

Once you have done this,  you should carefully complete the enclosed application form which will also require you to provide certain anti-money laundering and client identification information. Your completed application form should be then posted to the address provided. Unfortunately we cannot receive faxed or scanned applications.

Additional investments can also be applied for via the above PDS.

We urge you to seek professional advice you consider appropriate in respect of the fund, before deciding whether to apply for units.

Please Contact Us if you have any further queries.